Betsy Petersen

The days are never long enough - so many things to paint and make and do.

Betsy creates original art on canvas, paper, and gigantic walls, and regularly receives commissions for custom patterns, clothing, branding, logo design, magazine illustrations, and merchandise collaborations.

Creating a perfect combination of art that both kids and adults love, Betsy designs products and original artwork that someone can enjoy for a lifetime. Betsy has worked for Madewell, West Elm, Papyrus, Minnetonka Moccasins, Chatbooks, Alice & Ames, Childhoods Clothing, Tubby Todd, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Bravery Magazine, Wunderkin Co. and more.

When she's not painting, Betsy enjoys adventuring around Idaho with her man, Brad, their two kids, Finn and Nina, and their poodle/doodle dogs, Rudy and Clifford.