It all started with sequin bridesmaids skirts for my sisters wedding in 2014. My mom and I searched and could only find very expensive skirts. I thought I might be able to make them myself since I loved making maxi skirts. I gave it a try and loved how they turned out. My sisters and I wore them at her wedding and felt so glamorous. I listed the pictures of my sisters wedding on Etsy and I started getting orders. So I kept creating new sequin items, helping women and girls sparkle at their parties and events. Sewing baby items was my favorite. They were tiny and so dainty. Years down the road, I now have a whole shop based around sequins, mostly kids clothes. I am branching out designing new linen clothes, and am getting help to keep up with the workload. But I still have a lot of love for sequins and sewing! Email me with questions!